If you are contacted by the police or the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) regarding an allegation made against you:
* DO NOT participate in or consent to an interview.
* Make no statement to anyone regarding the allegation or charges.
* Say, “I am willing to co-operate but I am unable to comment until I contact my
Federation and legal counsel.”
* Get the name, title and contact information for the police officer or CAS worker who has contacted you.
* Call Professional Relations Services (PRS) at 1-888-838-3836<tel:1-888-838-3836> or 416-962-3836<tel:416-962-3836> and state that your call is urgent.

What is an emergency?
* Police are on the scene or on the way.
* You are facing criminal charges for an alleged criminal offense directly related to the performance of your professional duties.
* You are at risk of being arrested and/or incarcerated.
What to do? Call: 1-888-838-3836<tel:1-888-838-3836> or <416-962-3836<tel:416-962-3836>
After Hours:
* A voice message will provide the necessary instructions to put your call through to an operator. You will be asked a few important questions.
* Where appropriate, a lawyer will be contacted and you will be connected immediately.