ETFO Halton Committees 2017 – 2018

Early Years Committee – Liaison: Lisa Boehmer

  • Discuss issues impacting FDK teachers
  • Plan workshops to support FDK teachers

First Five Committee -Liaison: Nicolle Kuiper

  • Plan workshops to support new teachers
  • Plan social events for new teachers
  • Discuss issues impacting teachers in their first five years of teaching
  • Only for members in their first five years of teaching

French as a Second Language (FSL) -Liaison: Flora Tzaras

  • Discuss issues of importance to French teachers
  • Advocate on behalf of French teachers
  • Plan workshops to support French teachers

Health & Safety – Liaison: Meghan MacLeod

  • Provide support to school/site H&S reps
  • Support wellness initiatives
  • Monitor accident reports and provide information to teachers

Local Labour Council Delegate – Liaison: Brian Jackson

  • Liaise with other union members of the Oakville and District Labour Council
  • Participate in activities to support unionism (e.g. Day of Mourning Ceremony)
  • Attend monthly labour council meetings at the CAW 707 Galaxy Club, Oakville

Political Action/Public Relations – Liaison: Brian Jackson

  • Work with other labour and community groups to further the cause of public education and unionism
  • Plan activities to inform and educate members on local and global issues which affect teachers and education
  • Support community organizations and enhance the public profile of the Local through sponsorships and donations
  • Plan and implement three “Staff Morale” draws (1 per term)
  • Administer awards (scholarships/bursaries/member awards)

Professional Learning – Liaison: Kendra Baskin & Meghan MacLeod

  • Plan professional learning workshops and activities for members
  • Provide input for the ETFO Lending Library
  • Oversee the Federation Fund which supports PD opportunities for members

Social – Liaison: Georganne Clarkson

  • Plan four “Night Out” events over the course of the year; one in each of the four areas
  • Provide hard cover picture books for newly adopted/born children of members
  • Provide donations for extended illness or bereavement
  • Plan social events for members and families

Social Justice – Liaison: Candice Parent

  • Inform and educate members about issues related to social justice
  • Work in conjunction with other community groups to further the cause of social justice and equity
  • Plan and participate in activities that address equity issues

Special Education – Liaison: Cheryl Collet

  • Inform and educate members on issues related to Special Education
  • Work with Executive members and released officers to support Special Education
  • Advocate for the interests of Special Education teachers and their students

Status of Men – Liaison: Denis Levesque

  • Provide workshops on topics of interest to male teachers
  • Participate in the White Ribbon Campaign to share information to male teachers re: violence toward women
  • Make donations to selected organizations that provide services across the Halton Region

Status of Women – Liaison: Nicolle Kuiper

  • Provide workshops on topics of interest to female teachers
  • Sponsor a family through the Holiday Hamper programme at Halton Women’s Place
  • Make donations to selected organizations that provide services for women & children

If you would like to join a committee or attend a committee meeting to see what it’s all about, please contact the Executive Liaison via Halton Cloud/Gmail. If there is a committee that may be of interest to any members at your worksite, encourage them to participate in the activities, or even join a committee of their choice.